Dexas Clearview Clipcase Dry Erase clipboard, 13.75 x 9.5 Inch, Orange



  • This all-in-one storage clipboard features a transparent top panel that is compatible with dry erase markers (not included). The top panel lifts to access clear storage for papers, line-ups, work orders, art supplies and more.
  • A second, lower compartment is deep enough to hold additional forms, workbooks, tablets, markers, worksheets, or writing supplies.
  • Two sturdy latches are designed to keep both compartments securely closed and keep contents protected from the elements
  • A low profile metal clipboard clip on the outside of the clipcase holds additional papers in place
  • The Clearview clipcase is ideal for viewing papers, orders, or plans outside, and keeping them dry. Perfect for coaching, teaching, home-schooling, artwork, trades and medial professionals


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